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Oriental recipes

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With our spices, the Orient is just a plate away.

Should it be the classic “Bruschetta” spice blend?

Or do you opt for the creative “Green Devil” spice mix?

In addition to classic spice blends such as nutmeg or chili, you will also find spice blends of a special kind in our online store. Day after day, new creative combinations are tried out so that you never get bored. Discover our online store for spices now and be inspired to new kitchen adventures!

Our spice boxes: the unique gift idea


With our spice boxes you always have a suitable gift for your family and friends. Each spice set contains the most diverse spices of a world. Whether oriental, Mediterranean or salty. We have the right spice box for every occasion.

Your online store for high quality spices and ingredients

Passionate hobby cooks, cooking professionals and gourmet noses know about the importance of high-quality, aromatic ingredients for a successful dish. In all our specialties, we attach great importance to quality – that is our primary guiding principle! Exactly for this reason we work exclusively with selected, specialized and above all quality-conscious wholesalers. The different spice mixtures are freshly composed and prepared every day according to our own recipe. Discover our online store now and order specialties online!

Our carefree service for you

Would you like to receive more information about specific spices from our range? Or do you have other questions about our online store for spices? Then please feel free to contact us. Whether by phone, e-mail or contact form – our friendly and highly motivated staff is always there for you. Have fun browsing our online store for spices!

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Spices and other ingredients must be seen, smelled and tasted. You have to be able to experience them! Just like at the many street markets in Thailand, Persia and Co. You can also experience our spices and ingredients. Namely in the Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt am Main. At our stand between fruit stands and butcher shops, more than 1,000 products are waiting for you: from spices, to salts, to rice blends.

And the best part: A variety of treats to try like wasabi nuts or almonds with rose water are ready for you. And while you’re soaking up all these impressions, get a freshly brewed cup of tea. Come by and see for yourself the quality of our specialties and ingredients.

Bye bye ready meals! With our spices and ingredients you will easily hang up the bag soup from the supermarket. Discover the world of spices now and buy specialties online.